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Rastro residential building

Building for 23 dwellings, warehouses and garages.

Rastro street. Seville

The plot is located geographically in the city of Seville, in the perimeter of his historical hull and more in I make concrete in the this sector of the same one, between the Gardens of Murillo and San Bernardo's neighborhood.


The front to the street Track has orientation North-East with a total length of 11.75 mts. The urban environment in which we are is the own one of the historical hull of Seville with houses of three plants of height in the main and ancient buildings except some punctual cases.


Opposite to the plot one finds the headquarters of the County council of Seville. One proposes a building between dividing with a modern but identical design to the buildings near and typical of the zone.


It is a question of a building plurifamiliar with garages and lumber rooms. It consists of the ground, first floor,, It comes second and castillete, in that there are distributed 23 housings of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, which are distributed about a great central court. There exist two cores of vertical communication and the distribution in common zones is realized across galleries in a few housings, and common zones closed in others. In addition it possesses two plants down low for use of garages and lumber rooms. In the plant castillete a small community swimming pool is placed.


  • Year: 2013

  • Client: Metrovacesa

  • Construction company: Vías

  • Surface: 3947 m2

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