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Roman and Canivell Arquitectos S.L.P. is a team of professionals prepared to offer an Integral Service of Architecture and Urbanism of quality throughout the process of project preparation and monitoring of works.


This company was born from two independent architects that come together to form a multidisciplinary group. The objective is to develop any architectural challenge, expanding the field of action so that it is not limited to the project and construction management, but covers the entire process of a real estate development from its birth to its end.


Throughout the last 20 years we have developed a great competence in Residential Projects of New Plant, which has helped us to reach a high level of improvement when considering any type of program of needs (more than 1000 homes designed) .


Román y Canivell Arquitectos has specialized in Residential Architecture and within this field in the Singular Rehabilitation of Housing (more than 60 performances in listed buildings in the historical set of Seville). In this sense, the master's degrees in Architecture and Historical Heritage have been fundamental to complete with specialized training the treasured experience in Architectural Rehabilitation.


During all this time, our company has been carrying out a continuous work oriented towards Integrated Projects Management, getting to have today certified technicians as Project Manager Professional (PMP) ® by the Project Management International (PMI) ®.


In this process, which begins with the architectural project, we seek a commitment that we consider fundamental: sustainability. For this reason, we have advanced in technical training to have the BREEAM® ES certification.


The Quality Management system adopted by Roman and Canivell Architects is in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015.

An essential rule in our team is the permanent updating of all the tools that support the design. In this sense, our office develops all its projects in BIM (building information modeling).


Currently our field of action is broad and we have specialized departments in:


- Free residential

- Unique rehabilitation of housing

- Residential care: residences for students, seniors, etc ...

- Hotelier in all its categories

- Residential public protection (VPO, VPT, VPA)

- Others: Tertiary / Industrial / Sanitary / Interior Design / Various: ITE, Waste Management, Energy Rating, Security Projects, Self-protection Plans, etc ...


Performances abroad: Román and Canivell, Arquitectos S.L. is a company that belongs to the PIPE program (Initiation Plan for Foreign Promotion, belonging to the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade, ICEX, and the Higher Council of Chambers of Commerce) and ICEX NEXT.


  • Al Área de Promociones Inmobiliarias




  • ALAR

  • Alcache

  • Alcotan S.A.

  • ARQUIRRE 3-4

  • Ayuntamiento de SevillA

  • Bolsa Comercial Inmobiliaria Sevillana

  • C.B. Geríatricos

  • Cap Deu

  • Casa Márquez

  • Comarex Corporación Inmobiliaria

  • Edificaciones Guiolfra

  • Inversiones Diadema S.L.

  • Fundación Martín Robles

  • Galdosa y Hogares

  • Galia Grupo Inmobiliario

  • Grupo Pinar

  • Inalcoven

  • Isadoan

  • La Central. Residencias de estudiantes

  • Lasbolis

  • Marhan Suministros


  • Narciso Flores. F2

  • Pierre&Vacances

  • Prodeinsa

  • Prodiges

  • Proferco

  • Sacyr

  • Sentier

  • Somersen

  • TeleHospital

  • Udinsa


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