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Puerto Real 6-7 housing complex 

Work of new building for the construction for 12 semidetached housings Villanueva Golf Resort. Plots 6-7. Puerto Real (Cádiz)

The offer answers clearly to the ordinances of the partial plan, and supporting the distances to boundaries for certain, like that as the allowed heights, it generates a series of twelve semidetached housings , which try to give a homogeneous image to the whole street's front that affects us.

The component elements used , try to reflect a current and modern aruquitecture, for a few housings that are claimed be of habitual use and do not give the second residence.  is for it that is chosen for good qualities, very complete programs of housing and spaces of generous surfaces.

The scheme used for the housing tries to obtain a semidetached housing  with four real fronts, since the existing dividing walls is constructed by means of a court and a cover, but it allows to ventilate and to illuminate the housing in his four foreheads. with the continuity of the cover every two housings one tries to obtain the formal only, like that image as an alone unit construction.

The program developed for the housing answers in the same way as the front to a type of current life, who needs wide, diaphanous and flexible spaces in his use.

Is for it that the lowers plant  organizes about the worst stairs considering this one to be a separating and organizing element of spaces, it divides the tours of the stays, without privatizing them completely, only  organizes them. the visual ones inside the housing there have been claimed that they have great length, which alone they exist transparent elements, which don´t leaks do not prevent the sights.

The works object of the project include the construction give 6 housings semidetached in each of the block mentioned in previous paragraphs M6 and M7.

Two different tipologias develops, housings type to in the intermediate plots and type b in the ends. then they are 10 housings type to gives 4 bedrooms and 2 housings type b gives 5 bedrooms.


  • Year: 2006

  • Client: Metrovacesa

  • Construction company: Sacyr

  • Surface: 1988 m2

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