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Puerto Real, 16 housing complex

Work of new building for the construction of 26 detached housings.

Villanueva Golf Resort. Plot 16, Puerto Real (Cádiz)

The works object of the project include the construction there gives 26 housings detached in 5 blocks, common basement for blocks and urbanization of free common spaces in the block 16.

i know define 5 blocks of housings:

Block 1 4 housings

Block 2  6 housings

Block 3  6 housings

Block 4  6 housings

Block 5  4 housings

Two similar typologys develops, housings type to gives 4 bedrooms located always in the ends of the blocks and type B and C gives 3 bedrooms. All the tipologies of proposed housings complement with private gardens.


There is foreseen the urbanization of the above mentioned free spaces of two clearly differentiated forms:

- the pedestrian accesses to the housings, which are located in the front zone of the plot, where there prevail the zones soladas.

- the interior and back of the plot, where the vegetation will be of medium freightage the zones of lawn are major and the ways were executing with pieces that combine floor and lawn.

in this zone the swimming pool and the spaces are located for children's game.


The housing tries to adapt also and supports his more private zone of use,  towards the private garden and the kitchen zone towards the accesses.The program developed by the housing answers to a type of current vida who needs wide, diaphanous and flexible spaces in his use. i know they project housings of habitual use do not give the second residence.  is for it that is chosen for good qualities, program of housings very complete and spaces and generous surfaces.


  • Year: 2006

  • Client: Metrovacesa

  • Construction company: Sacyr

  • Surface: 3720 m2

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