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Pagés del Corro, 100-102 residential building

Project for 50 housings, business premises and garage in Pagés del Corro street, 100-102. Seville.

The intervention that one proposes, is on a lot where a part of the building is kept with 5 floors of height constructed in front, self-sufficient in i use, that have of a housing for floor, and the new floor that one presents in the rest of the lot, given where the scanty length of front that it possesses, requires a great free space not constructed in his interior that it should guarantee to the dwellings sufficient light andvent ilation.

Is for it that we propose (given the elongated form of the resultant lot), a succession of free close spaces, across which one accedes by means of galleries opened for each of the housings.The court is considered in an unitary way, since the ventilation is constant to his slant, only interrupted by thin covered balcony that are articulating it and qualifying.


  • Year: 2007

  • Client: Inalcoven

  • Construction company: Sacyr Vallehermoso

  • Surface: 4202 m2

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