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Córdoba Residential building

Contest for new building for housing, local solar parking spaces at 17 María Auxiliadora street. Córdoba.

The project consists of 3 floors above ground for houses and two below grade garage and storage.

It has a pedestrian access and two separate vehicle entrance and exit.

The total number of dwellings is 37, distributed as follows:

12 1-bedroom apartments

16 apartments, 2 bedrooms

9 3 bedroom homes

Of which 6 and 4 1 bedroom 2 bedroom apartments are duplex.

The building has two full vertical cores, stairs and elevator, located in the building to optimize the routes to housing.

Both come to the two floors below ground.

As proposed common uses are in free space or courtyard, a children's play area, on the ground floor and first floor as the end of the runway path curve, a community pool area which we propose as a possibility, although I could always change its use, provided the good of the community.


  • Year: 2009

  • Client: Vimcorsa

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