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Galia Triana

New construction building for dwellings,commercial space,garages and warehouses. UE-TR1 Triana, Pagés del Corro street and Alfarería street, Seville.

The Project is formed by 4 plots of land connected by blocks forming different and individual pieces, but linked by their exterior structure and by their environment.


The purpose is to create a unique and free area that arranges the dwellings and classifies them, allowing ventilation and natural light through the facades, the patio and other elements. The building presents threes facades and includes in one of them the access to the common underground, that occupies plot of land of the four blocks, the square, the sport area and the pathways.

The blocks include 24 dwellings, arranged in four entrance-halls, and three commercial premises. The building is structured in three floors plus the penthouse. The dwellings are: 8 one-bedroom dwellings (6 of them can be adapted to 2 bedrooms), 6 two-bedroom dwellings, 6 three-bedroom dwellings, 4 four-bedroom dwellings.


In this case the key purpose was to obtain a commercial premise on the ground floor with facade to Pages del Corro Street . The Scheme followed in the free area is similar to the preceding one, with a patio that attached to the party wall assumes its unevenness, as well as the unevenness caused by the dwellings when adjusting to the existing facades.

It consists of 19 dwellings arranged in two entrance-halls and one commercial premise. The building is structured in three floors plus the penthouse. The dwellings are: 8 two-bedroom dwellings, 11 one-bedroom dwellings (6 of them can be adapted to 2 bedrooms).


The facade in the smallest of the other four blocks, and the dwellings present the smallest area. Once more the central free area undertakes the unevenness that appears assuming an octagonal shape when leaning over the facades and party walls.

This block contains 25 dwellings structured in four entrance-halls, arranged in three floors plus the penthouse. The dwellings are: 13 one-bedroom dwellings, 10 two-bedroom dwellings and 2 three-bedroom dwellings.


The block general structure is divided in two types: one scheme of single entrance-hall that allows two dwellings each floor and the division from the main patio in two inside entrance-halls.

The block contains 21 dwellings arranged in three entrance-halls with three floors plus the penthouse. The dwellings are: 6 one-bedroom dwellings, 6 two-bedroom dwellings, 5 three-bedroom dwellings and 4 four-bedroom dwellings


The basement floor covers the complete plot of land built (dwelling blocks, sport facilities, new pathways and new square)

The Garage has a capacity of 200 parking spaces, 35 of them are transferred to the City Hall, and 110 warehouses.

Two type of access are proposed: through the dwellings private elevators and the second through the stairs with direct access from the public street and placed next to the entrance-halls.


  • Year: 1999

  • Client: Galia Grupo Inmobiliario

  • Construction company: Astreo

  • Surface: 9007 m2

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