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Ballena housing complex 

New residential development of 142 dwellings and garages, lot CO 1-4 of the Integral Urban Unit partial plan La Ballena, Rota, (Cádiz)

The project includes the construction of a residential development with individual houses, block of apartments, auxiliary constructions and recreational facilities, as well as landscaped grounds and pathways required for the recreational areas.

This Project is located on an expansion area between the municipalities of Chipiona and Rota in Cádiz. The area is very close to the beach and is mostly an area for vacation. Therefore the recreational atmosphere is the most outstanding characteristic of the area.


The circular form has been selected as geometric form which arranges the layout and the buildings shapes, as well as the connexion between the different elements. In general, the buildings have been placed over a continuous green area, with common gardens without separations or fences, only interrupted by the required pathways.

Residential Use

The residential area consists of 148 dwellings, ordered in 7 individual blocks. There are nine different types of dwellings, all of the include solarium and/or common gardens for the enjoyment of the dwelling.

Common green area

It is organized around a single entrance-exit access road with circular form, which distributes the vehicles over the residential units. Two buildings, blocks 3 and 4, are resting over said circular form, and in its inner circle green spaces with the swimming pool (one for adults and one for children) are placed, as well as a small construction for the rest rooms, swimming pool storage, and first aid (lifeguard).


A sole entrance-exit access to the development is proposed, with a small construction for the concierge and the access control mechanism. It includes a roundabout access which organizes the direction change, as well as the connection with the road that provides access to blocks 1 and 2.

Four pedestrian access will be accomplished, one next to the vehicles access, and the rest placed on the south boundarys to provide to the dwellers access on the way to the beach.

Gardens and pathways

The entire estate is developed to create a cluster of buildings placed over continuous green space, with three types of gardens: the common landscaped grounds, the dwellings yards, with continuous green with small plants as separation; the third type is development usual green areas, ornamentation of facades and roundabouts, recreational spaces and all the estate pathways.


  • Year: 1999

  • Client: Nervisur

  • Construction company: Gyesa

  • Surface: 18486 m2

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