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VPO Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Peak

Contest for building housing units on parcels 1 and 2 of the UE-P1-4 Picacho. Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cadiz)

The building that we propose seeks to respond to all the rules, but without losing the primary objective is to create decent housing while generating a living architecture, contemporary and functional enrich their environment.

The generating idea of building design is to get the number up to homes, they have the best lighting conditions, ventilation and privacy (not to exceed the area required) and it is paramount to get the exact proportion of the façade, where costs and improvement of homes to find a balance. Hence the idea for patio gallery, with him, reducing vertical communication cores 2 to 24 homes on a plot and a 1 for 24 in the other, which is also a significant cost reduction. This arrangement facilitates cross ventilation housing and having natural light in all living areas.


The layout of the building on two lots, shows the unity between the two, is understood as a single intervention, the buildings talk to each other, communicate their spaces, and both have similar shapes, looking for items to the linear block facades, seeking thus simplifying the homes and their good performance, and thus not built spaces are enriched with the resulting forms. The space that borders between the two plots is a free space, which is ordered together as shown on the ground floor.

The study of the image to the outside, the rebels, who despite some holes to hide standard window (for not raising the work), try to create a higher order in the facade, where a modern teaching geometric elements of different color and texture, together with a working cutting the cover material that aims to recreate an abstract painting as a whole, it makes us see the facade as a large canvas where small hollow household, go to a second term, they are, perform their function, but they are not actors. As for the interior walls, is to the contrary, the geometry is rich in itself, and the walls of the facade only pretend to be, not to interfere and to illuminate and ventilate the rooms overlooking it. The space takes precedence over what is built


  • Year:2009

  • Customer: Emuvisan

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