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VPO Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Peak

Competition for a building of officially protected housing in plots 1 and 2 of the UE-P1-4 Picacho.

Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cadiz)

The building that we propose aims to respond to all current regulations, but without losing the primary objective, which is to create decent homes while generating a living, current and functional architecture that enriches its environment.

The generating idea of the building design is to achieve the maximum number of homes, which have the best lighting, ventilation and privacy conditions, (without exceeding the required surfaces) for this reason it is essential to achieve the exact proportion of façade, where costs and home improvement find a balance. This is where the idea of a patio gallery arises, with it, the vertical communication cores are reduced to 2 for 24 dwellings on one plot and 1 for 24 on the other, which also means a significant reduction in costs. This distribution facilitates cross ventilation in the homes, as well as having natural lighting in all the living rooms.

The layout of the building on the two lots shows us the unity between the two, it is understood as a single intervention, the buildings dialogue with each other, their free spaces communicate, and both have similar shapes, seeking linear block elements towards the facades, seeking with this the simplification of the houses and their proper functioning, and with this the unbuilt spaces are enriched with the resulting forms. The space that adjoins both plots is a free space, which is ordered together as shown on the ground floor.

The study of the exterior image, the elevations, which despite hiding some standard window openings (so as not to make the work more expensive), tries to create a greater order on the façade, where a modern image of geometric elements of different colors and textures can be shown. , with an exploded view of the working joints of the cladding material that aims to recreate an abstract painting in its entirety, this makes us see the façade as a large canvas where the small domestic openings go to the background, they are, they fulfill their function, but they are not protagonists. As for the interior façades, the opposite is intended, the geometry is rich in itself, and the façade walls  are only intended to be there, not to get in the way and illuminate and ventilate the rooms that overlook it. The space prevails over the built.


  • Year:2009

  • Promoter: Emuvisan

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