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VPO Jerez de la Frontera. south gate

Public competition for the promotion of Official Protection Housing. Lot 2. Plots M4 P1. South Gate 2. UE-2H2.

Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)

A mandatory building line is set on the first three floors, in the interior separation strip of the different plots, thus creating the pedestrian streets that are located within the block itself.

The building that we propose aims to respond to all current regulations, but without losing the primary objective, which is to create decent homes while generating a living, current and functional architecture that enriches its environment.

The idea behind the design of the building is to achieve the maximum number of homes, which have the best lighting, ventilation and privacy conditions. This is where the idea of a patio gallery arises, with it, the vertical communication cores are reduced to 4 for 158 homes, which also means a significant reduction in costs. This distribution facilitates cross ventilation in the homes, as well as having natural lighting in all the living rooms.

The layout of the building on the site marks two clearly differentiated areas of action, a linear  housing block with light wells and two vertical communication cores, and the rest an L-shaped layout, In a corral typology with patio and distribution gallery, which shares with the previous one one of the vertical communication nuclei.

The image of the building  tries to create a more neutral exterior to be able to accommodate any environment that is generated in the future, while the facades to the free space of the block, aim to create a more friendly, colorful and bright landscape , to house a common space that is really for recreation, use and enjoyment of the community, with the use of color in the façade walls we achieve the image that is pursued with low costs.


  • Year:2008

  • Promoter: Comarex Development SL

  • Surface:10415 m2

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