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Puerto Real 26 Housing complex

Work of new building for the construction of 36 detached and semidetached housings. Villanueva Golf Resort. Plot 26. Puerto Real (Cádiz)

The works object of the project include the construction give 26 attached housings and 10 semidetached housings with a basement for all the attached housings and surface parking for the semidetached. also they consist of free common space to all the housings with zone of swimming pool and children's game.

 3 sets of housings are defined:

Block 1     11 attached housings

Block 2     15 attached housings

Block 3     10 semidetached housings

Two similar typologies of housing develops in the block 1 and 2. Both correspond to attached housings, the first one of the blocks it is distributed in straight line by  stepped between the housings and the second one in curve of circumference, by remove housings.

In both blocks there exist two types of housing, the main one gives 3 bedrooms (24), and the rest always placed in the ends of the pieces give 4 bedrooms (2).

The block 3 i know composes each one gives 5 pieces of two semidetached housings, be all the same way in both ends exists a different type gives 5 bedrooms (8), whereas the rest is give 4 bedrooms (2).

All the typologies of proposed housings complement each other with private gardens and basement of services and garage functionally linked to the housings.


  • Year:2006

  • Customer: Metrovacesa

  • surface: 9096 m2

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