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Puerto Real 18-19 Residential Set

Preliminary design for Residential Set in Plots 18 and 19.

Villanueva Royal Village. Puerto Real (Cádiz)

On the green continuous mantle of the golf course, the pieces settle in a controlled disorder looking for the Sun and the landscape.


The construction is simple and economical, its better quality is its cleanliness of forms and containment of the superfluous thing. The spaces works in surface and relations, but nothing exceeds, everything is useful, the only element that we allow ourselves to personalize them, is the color.

The free spaces between constructed pieces, are generating a transverse tour of the plot, always allowing length of views, the housings are a filter, but not limit of these generous sights that reach the bay and the sea in the distance.


  • Year:2011

  • Customer: Galia Real Estate Group

  • surface: 10000 m2

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