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Hytasal residential towers

Preliminary studies for 4 residential towers with 400 homes.

Sector ARI-DS-03. Hytasal. Seville

The convenience and timeliness of the execution of the sector is revealed by the requirement of compliance with the conditions and deadlines imposed by the General Plan.

As for the conditions for the execution of the general systems, which must guarantee the adequate insertion of the sector in the city, they are currently fully executed.

The new plan recognizes opportunities for the implementation of new urban uses and functions, integrating it into the general planning area called Proyecto Singular del Sur. The industrial nature of this sector, together with its topography, cause a certain discontinuity in the urban fabric, hindering the transversal connection between two structuring roads within the city, such as Avenida de la Paz, and to a lesser extent Avenida de Hytasa. In this way, among the general objectives are the improvement of two unconnected sectors of the City, such as Cerro del Águila and Polígono Sur, and more specifically, and as previously mentioned, between Avenida de La Paz and Hytasa Avenue. 

It is for all of the above that it is possible to affirm the coexistence and opportunity of the writing of the PERI of Hytasal, ARI-DS-03, within the strategy of development of the determinations of the General Plan foreseen in the program of action of the same.

The objective of the planning is to free land through high-rise construction, so that the free spaces generated become elements that give a better quality of life to the urban fabric in its southern sector.

In view of the determining factors, the meaning of the proposed arrangement is projected according to the following aspects:

a) Maximum possible release of free space for the enjoyment of citizens, either as wooded and landscaped green areas or as urban areas paved with vegetation at specific points. Aware of the importance of a green area and its dimensions, we have concentrated all of it in a single point in direct contact with the SIPS and attached to the homes for its best and greatest enjoyment, leaving the paved urban squares scattered throughout the block where there are tertiary uses and housing.

b) Free space as a fundamental element and backbone of the sector itself and of this with the rest of the urban fabric (especially in the direction of Avenida de Hytasa - Avenida de la Paz). For this reason, in the design of these free areas, the fundamental idea will consist of creating spaces that allow routes for social enjoyment and, in turn, for communication between the different built-up areas of the sector. The layout of the free spaces in relation to the built units responds to this fundamental idea of planning, allowing practically the entire sector  to be walked on foot through these free leisure and social areas. , without using the road space.

c) This liberation of the soil leads us, of course it is trying to exhaust the buildable area, to a type of building in height. It seems to us that it is time to bet on this typology on land with these characteristics since we achieve the objective of decongesting the city by creating free spaces for enjoyment, without giving up the construction of houses demanded by society.


  • Year:2007

  • Promoter: Comarex Development SL

  • Surface:40057 m2

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