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Cordoba 2.12 residential building

Exempt building for dwellings, commercial space, warehouses and garages.

Lot 2.12 of the EU RENFE, Cordoba

A block building in U shape is proposed of 4 floor-high with 38 dwellings and four different accesses.

The construction has a fashionable character that attempts to fulfill the functional needs of the contemporary homes, adapting the traditional architecture basic elements such as the patio, the terraces with green ornaments and the solariums.

The relationship between the dwelling with the exterior, blended together with the sun protection, are the reasons that create a bond between the wide dimension spaces, protected by backward terraces, and the jardinières over the facade.

Inside, the ambiance of a patio is adapted to a wider space, where the dwellings achieve natural light and present direct access to the patio, with traditional elements of plants and water in ponds or fountains.

The building is provided with two underground parking levels with a total amount of 56 parking spaces and 48 warehouses, as well as engine rooms, sewage tanks, cleaning rooms and a water tank.

The Ground Floor is reserved for commercial premises, offices and dwellings. The commercial premises are placed at the south building side since it is the most commercial street. The offices are located on the rear area of the commercial premises with elevation to the main patio and the dwellings are located on the rest of the land.

On the second and third floor, the dwellings are arranged through four stairs.

In the houses the bedrooms are separated into two different areas. The Living area is located in the center, with a separation axis formed by living room-dining room-kitchen that links all the interior passages and links them into its area.


  • Year: 2003

  • Customer:Metrovacesa

  • Construction company: Dredged

  • surface: 3419 m2

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