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Pages of the Corro 37 housing 

New works between party-family housing and commercial premises in Pagés del Corro street, 37, Seville

It is a building between party with a boundary to street, 4 storeys high, consisting of ground, first, second and attic recessed on front lines, and a floor below grade.

The ground floor has a commercial site, and access and service areas of the building. Downstairs there is a patio just to the bottom of the plot, whose intention is to put lighting and ventilation areas. All other courts are based on the first floor, arranged in several areas as shown in the floor layout below.

Once entering the building, vertical communication gives us access to the basement, where there are two storage rooms, and a space belonging to the shop which has a ladder for their own internal communication.


Once the first floor, single-family housing can be understood by bays. In the first, giving the facade is located the living - dining room and an office, the second bay is occupied mainly by two courtyards that let including a gallery closed, the interior spaces of communication. In the next (third bay) are the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom service and finally, the fourth is repeating the same pattern of the second, with two side yards left in the middle elevator core

Already on the second floor in the second and fourth bays are repeated as in the lower floor. In the first bay master bedroom with bathroom open to the facade, and two bedrooms open onto central courtyards. Finally in the third, 4 and 5 bedrooms reopen the central courtyards, and two bathrooms to the backyards.

In the attic floor is raised centerpiece of communications linking the terraces of the built in lower floors. In this lies a small room size laundry received in connection with passable covers where to build. This plant now reach stairs and elevator.


  • Year:2009

  • Customer:Galia Real Estate Group

  • surface: 518 m2

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