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Komo Restaurant

Reform works and adaptation of premises for restaurant.

C/ Fernando Tirado, 6. Seville

It is a rough place that is going to be adapted to turn it into the Komo Restaurant. The performance will only be on interior distributions, installations and coatings, without touching the existing structure.

The restaurant is distributed on one floor with three different areas: kitchen, main entrance and drinks bar and dining room.

The main façade is located on Juan de Zoyas street, with the door located in the central area of said façade, dividing the dining area and the kitchen on both sides (which can be accessed directly from Fernando Tirado street). In front of the entrance, we find a reception area, bar and drinks area, which receives the diner.

At the back of the dining area, at the back of the premises are the toilets, and next to them a private office area for private use.


  • Year:2005

  • Promoter:The Oriental, SL

  • Ssurface:240 m2

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