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Housing Puerto Real 6-7

New plant works for the construction of 12 semi-detached houses. Villanueva Golf Resort. Apple 6-7. Puerto Real (Cádiz)

The proposal clearly responds to the ordinances of the Partial Plan, and maintaining the distances to boundaries determined by it, as well as the heights allowed, generates a series of twelve semi-detached houses, which aim to give a homogeneous image to the entire road frontage that affects us. .

The compositional elements used are intended to reflect a current and modern architecture, for homes that are intended to be for regular use and not a second residence. That is why we opt for good qualities, very complete housing programs and spaces with generous surfaces.

The scheme used for the house aims to achieve a semi-detached house with four real facades, since the existing party walls are built by means of a patio and a roof, but it allows the house to be ventilated and illuminated on its four fronts. With the continuity  of the roof for every two houses, it is intended to achieve a unique formal image, as well as a single building unit.

The program developed for the house responds in the same way as the façade to a current type of life, which requires wide, open-plan spaces that are flexible in their use. That is why the ground floor is organized around the staircase but considering it as a separator and organizer of spaces, it divides the routes of the rooms, without completely privatizing them, it only organizes them. The visuals inside the house have been intended to be very long, with only transparent elements that filter but do not obstruct the views.

The works object of the project include the construction of 6 semi-detached houses in each of the  blocks mentioned in previous sections M6 and M7 (UP rating).

2 different typologies are developed, type A homes in the intermediate plots and type B homes at the ends. Then there are 10 type A homes with 4  bedrooms and 2 type B homes with 5 bedrooms.


  • Year:2006

  • Promoter: Metrovacesa

  • Builder: Sacyr

  • Surface: 1988 m2

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