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Galia Nervión

New building for offices and commercial premises. 

"Galia- Nervión" building. C/ Luis de Morales, Seville

The Galia-Nervión building is located at the confluence of the Luis de Morales and Eduardo Dato avenues in Seville and is within the PGO of the Seville City Council, with the triple objective of concluding the planning of the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium block; arrange the buildings in the part of Avda. Luis de Morales; and finally, formally solve the corner between the avenues of Luis de Morales and Eduardo Dato.


On the basement floors, there is a garage with three underground floors, which includes an area for car parking and an independent area for industrial vehicles to supply the different establishments of the Tertiary Center.

This building also has nine floors above ground.

Its general volumetry comprises a base body two stories high, on which two separate volumes of seven more stories are supported.

One can distinguish a First Volume, located at the corner of the two avenues, intended for offices. The two lower floors, in addition to the access lobby to them, are occupied by a single commercial space that has its own vertical communication elements.

The seven upper floors contain modular offices and their corresponding general services. It is a very expressive volume, due to its large flights from the third floor, and its unity in the treatment of materials, among which aluminum predominates. It is intentionally separated from the body of hotel rooms, leaving an intermediate void. On the contrary, the union with the Shopping Center is solved using in part the materials of the latter, in search of the greatest possible integration in the whole.

The formal language of the volume of offices tries to express its use, and respond to the possibility of redistribution of the modules. That is why it is decided to respect the structure and glaze the façade by means of window modules  marking a horizontal stripe per floor, which is protected from the sun by vertical brise-soleils, which will give unity to the façade. .


  • Year: 1999

  • Promoter:Alyga, Asset Management, SA

  • Builder: OHL

  • Surface:8408 m2

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