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Novotel Seville

New building for Hotel. Novotel building.

C/Luis de Morales, Seville

The building is a hotel, except for part of the ground floor, which will be occupied by commercial premises. Customer access is through Avenida Eduardo Dato, through a spacious lobby, in which there are three elevators, which link the three parking basements, and a monumental staircase that leads to the first floor.

At the back there is a staff entrance, where two freight elevators are located, one for room service and the other for the kitchen, and the staircase that connects all the floors. The hotel's general services are located on the first floor: reception, luggage storage, bar, restaurant, general public toilets and meeting and banquet rooms, kitchen with its annexes, among which two offices should be noted, one for the restaurant and another for the banquet room, staff toilets, and furniture storage. From the second to the eighth floor, the same distribution scheme is repeated, with rooms on one side and the central corridor on the other.


The total number of rooms is 173, four of them adapted for the disabled.


Each floor is equipped with a linen deposit and personal toilet.


On the roof, as in the office building, the machine rooms for lifts and service lifts and communications have been located.


On both sides of this tower there are roof terraces: on one of them the air conditioning and ventilation equipment is located; in the other, a swimming pool and solarium space, with minimal support services.


  • Year:1999

  • Promoter:Alyga, SA Asset Management

  • Builder:ohl

  • Surface:10453 m3

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