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San Bernardo Station

Rehabilitation of Cádiz station: market, sports equipment, public square and parking lots. Seville

The ultimate goal of the intervention is to provide new uses for an existing infrastructure, the San Bernardo Station, revitalizing it and the surrounding area, enhancing a point with history in the city.


The existing demand for parking, which will foreseeably increase when the area is revitalized, requires the implementation of an underground car park, which also meets the needs of the Puerta de la Carne Market. A total parking lot for 100 vehicles is proposed.


It is proposed to revitalize the public space through an arrangement with clear elements and of sufficient entity, which seek to generate a recognizable image.

For the pedestrian access to the car park and kiosks, two boxes are proposed protected by an envelope of wooden slats  and a large space protected from the sun is generated by means of a large metallic structure pergola.

Since the main point of attraction of this new urban space is the Puerta de la Carne Market, a large M-shaped fountain/sculpture is proposed, which is likely to become a recognizable image of the Market. This would be located centered on the new square, next to several sheets of water to cool the temperature in summer and landscaped flower beds with native vegetation are proposed, looking for chromatic differentiations, the planters are projected with a sufficient thickness so that they can be used as benches around its perimeter.


Given that the layout of the Market stalls has already been duly studied by the City Council, and their organization is mandatory in the Specifications, the action is focused on proposing various improvements:

Independent Operation: By proposing the main access to the Sports Center detached from the Travelers Building, the only connection between it and the Ground Floor of the Market occurs at the corner of the North tower. As it is possible to locate the evacuation exit doors directly on the façade of the building, there will never be interference in the operation between the two uses, and it will facilitate their management.

Visor: The concept of sun protection visor from the west façade of the Travelers Building is recovered, making possible a meeting space next to it, the implantation of tables linked to the restaurant areas of the Market, or a possible location of small stalls. foreign sale. It is materialized by a light metal structure.

Spatial Treatment: Respecting the layout of the stalls throughout the passenger building, the aim is to give a current and attractive image through the treatment of the interior space. In this way, a dark pavement is proposed, which, playing with the location of the existing steel pillars, gives this space personality. The stalls will be clad externally  with compact wood-finish panels, forming the storage mezzanines into large, abstract wooden boxes that appear to be suspended in space.

Facade: Given that the size and arrangement of the stalls makes it very difficult to take advantage of the existing holes in the façade or generate views from inside to outside the building, it is proposed to treat the exterior enclosure of the stalls as an abstract background con_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ the labeling of the name of the market or sports car, depending on its location, which will characterize the facades to the Plaza and the Nave de Andenes of the Travelers Building.


The intervention in the Nave de Andenes is proposed with a spatial strategy that seeks to enhance its perception. A proposal is proposed that seeks to  recover the interior space of the Andenes area so that it is as permeable as possible on the ground floor.

On the other hand, the volumetric needs derived from the needs program of a Sports Center are very important.

 The architectural proposal  is articulated  according to these starting criteria:

- Parallel steps are generated to the façade of the Travelers Building and that of the Ship to Juan de Mata Carriazo street, so that the incursion of pedestrians into the interior space of the ship is favored, leaving it a public covered space that can be traversed Some closing element  will be considered to avoid passage through the interior space of the ship at night, for clear security reasons.

- A container is projected that is free-standing from the basement floor and whose ground floor of treated glass allows us to glimpse the interior façade of the Travelers Building from the street.

- The container on the upper floor is covered with tinted and reflective glass to reflect the old Station, its façade to the platform area. The new building would dress its façade with the reflections of the old one.

- The container zigzags through the nave, approaching and moving away from the façade of the original Building, generating different perspectives, and distorting the reflections on its façade at those angles.

The distribution of the Sports Center needs program is subject to promoting these project objectives.

- Basement floor mainly for facilities, although it houses the group changing rooms, in a separate area.

- Pool and spa  on the ground floor, next to access areas, reception, administration...

- First Floor: Changing rooms. The most private part of the Sports Center, less visible from the outside, enjoys the view of the façade of the Old Building.

- Second floor: Fitness room: On the large container  and under an extra-clear glass envelope. It will be the center's most continuous activity space. A large diaphanous space  transparent on its perimeter and  punctually on its roof, aims to turn to the interior of the nave and the void generated between the two buildings.

- Multiple Use Rooms: On the first floor of the Travelers Building, above the Market. They communicate with the main building through two walkways that will generate a flow of people who cross the interior space of the warehouse at a height of about 7 meters. These rooms will take advantage of the space of the towers, with their holes and their original spatial configuration.

From an energy point of view, the savings produced by taking advantage of an existing envelope are noteworthy, since the thermal load on the new façade in summer is greatly reduced. Air flows are generated around the entire new volume, and are capable of being used for natural air renewals.



  • Year:2018

  • Promoter:Enjoy Wellness

  • Builder:Knoll

  • Surface:10434 m2

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