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Project of ideas for the implementation of multi-use buildings. Dubai.

This project was born with the purpose of showing an intervention proposal located in a real space, the coast of Dubai.

Hand in hand with the infoarchitecture company Neosmedia, this project is presented at the construction fair of said city: "The Big Five"

The aim is to achieve a flexible building or group of buildings , both in use and in distribution of volumes.

Built pieces or jardines  are distributed over a network of roads, whose alternation generates and qualifies the spaces.

It is located on a specific space: a peninsula  on the coast of Dubai. It develops over the sea and the land in a natural way, and joins the coast through a viaduct that follows the winding path of the peninsula.

The built buildings are shown in two different ways on the outside, some are alabaster cubes that float on a forest of pillars, and the second are buildings of lower height, horizontal in nature, topped by copper domes.

Both are simple geometric elements, closed to the outside in reminiscence of Arab architecture, where the richness of spaces and lights is kept inside the buildings.

They have a versatile conception, being able to be used both for hotel and office uses or in the case of domes, auditoriums and sports halls.


  • Year: 2008

  • Promoter:Construction Fair

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