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music center

Competition for an elementary music teaching center.

Workers Avenue, s/n. Villanueva del Ariscal (Seville)

The proposal is located on a plot to the north of the urban area, in a recently urbanized area.

It presents a façade to two public roads, Avenida de los Trabajadores and Camino de Salteras street, and a dividing wall with open-air areas.

We propose a unique building, with a modern image that effectively responds to the cultural and educational needs of the inhabitants of Villanueva del Ariscal.

Due to the main premise of the contest to achieve an economic and realistic project according to the budget awarded for it, we have focused on creating a building that can grow in self-sufficient phases, as well as generating spaces for routes and public lobbies that require a considerable area. , as non-built elements, with this we can afford to give these spaces a larger scale with a minimum cost. They are the most representative spaces, of public attendance, their image abroad.

As the building has been projected, the square attached to the site of the action is also part of this series of unbuilt spaces for public use, which complete the intervention.

We are lucky to be in the South, where open spaces are assumed to be habitable zones practically all year round.

The Andalusian patio as an entrance atrium is part of our culture and we intend to give it the value it deserves in this project, as the main distribution element, and articulation between the two buildings that are proposed within the plot.

There are two differentiated uses in the program exhibited for the competition: an educational area and another element of a larger scale and of municipal scope, which is the multipurpose room, with a clear public vocation.

The layout of the plot seemed quite clear to us, the corner attached to the houses is the classroom area, since it requires a façade for rooms, and also its scale is more domestic (2 floors).

Turned to the interior of the plot, the singular element of the action appears, the multipurpose room, it turns to the patio in its main access, it is separated from the road boundary by a false facade that generates a pedestrian route

of access between the free space and the patio-lobby and finally the façade shows the adjacent free space, turning the stage area towards it and allowing direct service access to the dressing room and storage area in a turn of constructions.

The generating idea of the project is to create two built spaces, articulated by a common patio, to which public access is forced to guarantee its relevance as a main and qualified distribution space.

There are two parallel routes, as can be seen in the attached diagram, a public one that runs from the open space, through the open gallery parallel to the façade to the patio, and another more private and service one that is generated on the other side of the The multipurpose room, is born in the free space, and runs through the entire area of dressing rooms, warehouses, service, up to the classrooms.


  • Year: 2009

  • Promoter: Villanueva del Ariscal Town Hall

  • Surface:806 m2

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