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Preliminary project for reform works of a building between party walls for a residence for the elderly. C/ Bustos Tavera, 11. Seville

After various studies on the existing building, the property welcomed the proposal for a residence for the elderly, since the demand in this area is great, in the short and medium term (according to the resource map of the Department of Equality and social welfare of the Junta de Andalucía), on the other hand, as a cultural area, it does not seem like a very good location, due to the scarcity of parking spaces in the surroundings, as well as the lack of an emergency exit for the stage area, (previously it had it since the symphony orchestra had rented an adjoining premises with direct access to Gerona street). That is why, given the impossibility of keeping the main room intact, as well as the scant architectural interest it offers (as the attached photographs show), it has been decided to keep a memory of its volume and location.

The architectural proposal that this Project represents, starts from the consideration of the formal conditions of the building, its fit on the site, as well as the conditions of use that are proposed, which are also many.

We try to keep in the proposal, the memory of the volume of the room itself, housing in said volume, the main communication routes , the main courtyard for collecting light and air, as well as the pieces of bedroom, which respond to a serial and repetitive element. With this we managed to maintain the volume of the piece, whose total height can be recognized in the openings of the patio, as well as its rectangular shape.

As for the rest of the built areas, the services adjacent to the main use are being collected, and the complex partitioning of the plot is being adapted. The main patio is broken into smaller pieces to provide light and ventilation to all the rooms that require them.

Due to the lack of open spaces on the ground floor, (and even if they did, they would not be sunny) the use of the roof as a garden terrace is proposed, for the use and enjoyment of the users of the residence.

Regarding the proposed basement, they take advantage of the existing unevenness between both access streets, we can make a semi-basement with little excavation, thereby favoring the normal use of loading and unloading the residence that would otherwise be unthinkable, due to the area where it is located. .


  • Year: 2007

  • Promoter: Private

  • Surface:3430 m2

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