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Hotel Abba Seville
Adaptation of an office building for a 4-star hotel.
Plaza de la Encarnacion, Seville

It is the adaptation of an office building into a 4-star hotel.


This has a ground floor, intended mainly for common spaces  of the hotel: access, reception, general toilets, lounge and cafeteria areas, and administrative and management area.

With respect to the rest of the floors of the building, they repeat their distribution of accommodation units, always organized facing both façades or the interior patio that is proposed to make the center of the plot habitable, as well as collect light and views towards the south orientation.

Starting from the third floor, the building already in origin is generating terraces and losing volume towards the south, to also respond with a lower height of the façade to Calle Puente y Pellón.

Our proposal follows the same path, but aims to create a more unitary image of these elements, raising the central body of rooms (singular for its curved shape and color) that helps us create a cleaner and simpler image of the building in its final stages. floors.



  • Year: 2021

  • Promoter: Abba

  • Builder: Sacyr

  • Surface:5800 m2

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