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Alcosa Park

Special Plan for the rehabilitation of degraded areas.

Alcosa Park. Seville

At present, the urbanization of the neighborhood has been partially maintained and renovated, however, some interior squares remain to be redeveloped, which present a high deterioration in urban furniture, vegetation, and are very mistreated by the indiscriminate presence of vehicles that contribute very negatively to the use of that public space.

Así  this phase has focused on detecting the most deteriorated points of the neighborhood in terms of paving, rearrangement of parking spaces, etc., as well as the renovation of sections of the street to comply with architectural barriers; being the global area of the phase of 76677.20 m2.


  • Year:2005

  • Promoter: Municipal Management of Urbanism of Seville

  • Ssurface: 76677 m2

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