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Housing Pagés del Corro 37

Obras de nueva planta entre medianeras para vivienda unifamiliar y local comercial en C/ Pagés del Corro, 37,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_Seville

It is a building between party walls, bordering on a public road, 4 stories high, consisting of a ground, first, second floor and a recessed attic with respect to the lines of the façade, and a floor below ground level.

On the ground floor there is a commercial premises, and the access and service areas of the building. On the ground floor there is only a patio at the back of the plot, whose intention is to add lighting and ventilation to the common areas. The rest of the patios start from the first floor, and are arranged in various areas, as can be seen in the floor plan that appears below.

Once the building is accessed, the vertical communication allows us to access the basement, where two storage rooms are located, and a space belonging to the commercial premises which has its own staircase for internal communication.

Once on the first floor, the single-family home can be understood as bays. In the first, facing the façade, the living-dining room and an office are located, the second bay is occupied mainly by two patios that allow the interior communication spaces to pass between them, as a closed gallery. In the next (third bay) are the kitchen, a service bedroom and a bathroom, and finally, in the fourth the same scheme of the second is repeated, with two side patios that leave the elevator core in the middle. .

Already on the second floor, in the second and fourth bays the same thing is repeated as on the lower floor. In the first bay, the master bedroom with its bathroom opens onto the façade, and two more bedrooms open onto the central patios. Lastly, in the third, bedrooms 4 and 5 reopen to the central patios, and the two bathrooms to the rear patios.

On the attic floor, the central piece of communications rises, joining the terraces of the areas built on lower floors. In this small piece there is a laundry room of received dimensions in connection with the walkable roofs where you can hang out. Both stairs and elevator reach this floor.


  • Year:2009

  • Promoter:Galia Real Estate Group

  • Surface: 518 m2

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