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Homes Pagés del Corro 31

New plant works for 2 houses and commercial premises between medians in C/ Pagés del Corro, 31, Sevilla

It is a building between party walls, on the corner, with two boundaries to a public road, 4 stories high, consisting of a ground floor, first, second and attic set back with respect to the lines of the façade, and a floor below ground level.

On the ground floor there is a commercial premises, and the common access and service areas of the building. The premises can be accessed from the common areas on the ground floor. The patio is located on the longest dividing boundary, to which both the common areas, a vertical communication core consisting of an elevator and stairs, and the premises open on the ground floor.

Once the building is accessed, the vertical communication allows us to access the basement, where there are two storage rooms (one per home), facilities rooms at the service of the building, and a space belonging to the commercial premises which has a staircase for your internal communication. The slab that covers this space, has large holes in order to expand the exhibition area from the street, since this allows the vision of exhibitors placed in the basement.

Once on the first floor, the common areas give us access to house number 1, which is identical to the one located on the next floor, so both will be treated as a typical floor made up of the house and common areas.

On this typical floor, the patio allows ventilation and natural lighting both in the vertical communication core and in many of the rooms in the house.

The standard dwelling consists of a 4-bedroom unit that all open onto the façade facing the newly created street (northwest boundary). These bedrooms are arranged in a row, with the main one (Bedroom 1) having its own full bathroom (mechanically ventilated) and dressing room. The rest always allows the possibility of housing 2 single beds, all of them with built-in wardrobes.

The center of the house is led by a singular element lined with wood, an element that is located in the center of some routes as an island. This room contains another bathroom with a shower tray, a toilet and closet areas. The bathroom and a closet area that connects the opposite route open towards the bedroom area.

That opposite area, wider than a normal distributor, and almost entirely open to the patio, will be a library, supported by the central piece, which will house a modulation of bookstores on this end wall, as can be seen in the previous section diagram. .

Finally, facing the Calle Pagés del Corro façade, there is the dining room, and the kitchen, which also opens onto the patio, facilitating cross ventilation.


  • Year:2009

  • Promoter:Galia Real Estate Group

  • Builder:astreo

  • Surface: 681 m2

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