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Homes Pagés del Corro, 100-102

New plant works for 50 homes, garages and storage rooms,

C/ Pagés del Corro, 100-102 (Seville)

The intervention that is proposed, is on a plot where a part of the building with 5 stories high built on the façade is maintained, self-sufficient in use, consisting of one house per floor, and the new plant that is presented in the rest of the solar, where  given the short length of the façade that it has, it requires a large free space not built inside that guarantees sufficient light and ventilation to the homes. That is why we propose (given the elongated shape of the resulting plot), a succession of united free spaces, through which one accesses each one of the houses through open galleries.

The patio is considered in a unitary way, since the ventilation is continuous through it, only interrupted by light access walkways that articulate and qualify it.


  • Year:2007

  • Promoter:inalcoven

  • Builder: Sacyr Vallehermoso

  • Surface: 4202 m2

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