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Hytasal Ships

Adaptation of industrial buildings. Hytasal Space

Soils in Sector ARI-DS-03. C/ Olivar de la Reina, 3. Seville

First performance:

A reform is proposed in the access area to the enclosure, creating a new  and unitary brand image: ESPACIO HYTASAL, which attracts the attention of potential users. The enclosure is improved by modernizing its global image, creating a new logo and giving the exterior a different character.

In the free spaces, the vehicle routes, the parking spaces are organized, and rest areas with green spaces are promoted, which welcome and attract the user.

Finally, and as a consequence of these interventions, it is accompanied by the updating of general facilities and adaptation to current regulations to guarantee proper functioning.

Second performance:

Basically, the warehouses are divided into lots, to facilitate the possible tenant his access to a suitable space for any need. Its external image is also improved by adapting the accesses y  as well as in the urbanization, the facilities are adapted to guarantee their correct operation and adaptation to regulations.


  • Year: 2017


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