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Nave Ateneo Cavalcade

Reform for the Permanent Headquarters of the Three Kings Parade.

Calle Diego de la Barrera, s/n. Future. Seville

On the building that we find, it is proposed to update it to house the singular use of organization of the procession of the Three Wise Men in Seville. We think that both because of its location in the city (in the Porvenir neighborhood), and because it is given an alternative and compatible use to the original use of the building, it is ideal to propose it for this purpose.

Regarding the uses that are proposed, there are a series of dependencies, which are located in the bay under the houses, which, because they are office areas, toilets and reception rooms, require less free height.

Said area is divided from the main nave by a gallery on two levels, which serves as a distribution towards said rooms.

At its upper level, the gallery overlooks the nave, providing a panoramic and global vision of the floats that will be located in it.

The architectural proposal that reflects the present draft, has as its starting point to make relevant the image of a singular and industrial building that it was in its origin.

To do this, we resorted to elements that have already been treated in the same way, such as London's Docklands, in which the reuse of industrial buildings as homes and shopping centers is quite attractive.

Without going that far, the main building of the Catalana de Gas also responds to this form of intervention on the built heritage.

In our case, the use is perfect since it requires the breadth of spaces that the building originates


  • Year: 2005

  • Promoter: Martin Robles

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