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Conservation and reform works for a single-family home.

C/ Monsalves, 18. Seville

It is a building between medians, 4 stories high, consisting of a ground, first, second floor and a recessed attic with respect to the line of the façade.

The property belongs to one of the sectors of the Historic Center that still lacks a Special Plan, therefore the interventions that are proposed do not distort any of the elements that are considered defining and unique in this typology, such as: façade, patio, staircase and covered, as marked by its current degree of protection 2 in the current PGOU.

It is only intended to put into use a single-family home that has not been used for a long time, but which is located on a solid and stable building, which only requires an adaptation to the new family that is going to inhabit it, both in interior distribution and in modernization and commissioning. up to date with the coatings, carpentry and installations.

With this, the project maintains the scheme that the building currently presents, where the main element continues to be the patio next to which the development of the staircase for vertical communication takes place.


  • Year 2008

  • Promoter:Private

  • Builder: Construcciones Bellido

  • Ssurface: 144 m2

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