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Reform project for 2 houses and commercial premises.

C/ Harinas, 4. Seville

The architectural proposal that this Project represents, starts from the consideration of the architectural and patrimonial values of the building, conserving what is considered relevant, in this case only the façade of the building, since the interior, in addition to its current state of deterioration, is of no particular interest, and on the other hand does not conform at all to what is currently required for a multi-family residential building.

In any case, there is no waiver of making a proposal for contemporary architecture that coexists and is adequately combined with said façade, given its cataloging, as well as with its surroundings.

The proposed typology, in addition to adjusting to the current Municipal Ordinances, tries to respond to the layout of the plot to what already exists, maintaining the location and configuration of the patios.


  • Year:2000

  • Promoter: Casa Márquéz, SA

  • Ssurface: 404 m2

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