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Partial Planning Plan for Sector SU-S4. Gelves (Seville)

The General Urban Planning Plan of the municipality of Gelves has been definitively approved in 2005.

In said document, 236,840 m 2 of land to the south of the urban area between the SE-660 highway and the Camino de San Francisco are delimited, under the name SU-S4, including them in the Sectorized Urbanizable class, scheduling their execution for the First Four-year period.

The road network follows the guidelines established by the General Planning. On the other hand, there is a road on the southern edge of the sector, an extension of the Palomares highway, following the PGOU guidelines, thus forming the border roads for access to the sector. There is a main road that runs through the sector from north to south, structuring the sector and connecting it with the already consolidated northern area through Los Rasos street.

As stated in the planning plans, the buildings are distributed mainly and in a homogeneous way, on both sides of the main north-south road.

To comply with the conditions established by the PGOU, the Row Single-Family Housing ordinance will be applied to the blocks for residential use that occupy said central zone. The occupation of said blocks will allow the provision in them of common free spaces.

The spaces free of use and public domain, belonging to the local system of green areas and play and recreation areas for children are distributed following the determinations established by the new PGOU. They are distributed on the eastern edge and the rest on the western edge in contact with the Coria Highway.

The facilities planned are located in the northern area of the sector with the intention of being able to provide a service closer to the consolidated urban areas of the north.


  • Year:2005

  • Promoter: Udinsa

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