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Gaul Triana

New plant works for homes, premises, garages and storage rooms UE-TR1 Triana, C/ Pagés del Corro and C/ Alfarería (Seville)

The project is made up of 4 plots linked to each other by newly created free spaces, so the blocks will be considered as different and individual pieces, but united in their external formalization and in the environment that hosts them.

BLOCK 1 It is intended to create a unique free space that organizes the homes and qualifies them, providing ventilation and lighting on their facades to the patio and roads. The building has three facades and one of them assumes the road access to the joint basement that occupies the entire plot of the four blocks, the square, the sports and the road. The block is made up of 24 homes divided into four portals and three commercial premises.

BLOCK 2 In this case, the main condition required was to obtain a premises on the ground floor facing Pagés del Corrro street. The scheme followed in the free space is similar to the previous one, with a patio that, together with the dividing wall, assumes both the irregularities of the latter, as well as those generated by the houses when adjusting to the existing facades. It consists of 19 homes divided into two portals and a commercial premises.

BLOCK 3 The façade is the smallest of the four blocks, with the smallest houses on the surface. Once again, the central free space assumes the irregularities that arise from solving the houses according to orthogonal schemes depending on the facades or dividing walls where they rest. This block houses 25 homes divided into four portals.

BLOCK 4 The general distribution of the block is divided into two types: a single portal scheme that serves two houses per floor and the division from the main patio into two interior portals. It consists of 21 houses divided into three portals.

BASEMENT The basement is located on the entire intervention plot (blocks of flats, sports facilities, the new road and the new square). The garage has a capacity for 200 spaces, of which 35 are assigned to the council and 110 storage rooms. Two types of access are proposed: by private elevators in the homes and the second by stairs with direct access from the public road placed next to the portals.


  • Year:1999

  • Promoter:Galia Real Estate Group

  • Builder: astreo

  • Surface:9007 m2

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