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Seras Building

Project of reform works in a building between party walls for 24 homes, commercial premises, garages and storage rooms.

Avenida Luis Montoto, 7. Seville

It is a Protected building with Category C, Grade 1 Partial Protection, historically known as Clinica del Doctor Seras, the work of the Argentine architect based in Seville Simón Barris y Bes in a modernist style, and built in 1905.

A contemporary architecture proposal is made that aims to balance the preserved old, the implantation guidelines of the original building that are equally respected, and the new contribution developed in keys of contemporary architecture.

It is a building with two clearly differentiated areas, the large historic façade that is preserved, and a new contemporary building based on the historic interior alignments and the original layout of the patios.

The basement is accessed by the two existing stairwells with their corresponding elevators.

The Ground Floor is basically intended for commercial premises and access to homes and garage. Given the height of the ground floor of the historic façade, a mezzanine is arranged in each of them without affecting the design of the façade openings.

 A total of 24 homes distributed in different typologies and situation in the complex are projected.

In the first place, 4 triplex houses are arranged, with a ground floor with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a first floor with access to the house with a living-dining room, kitchen, toilet and terrace, and a third floor consisting only of a study and roof terrace. as a recessed attic.

There are then four basic types of dwellings with common organization characteristics around interior patios and accesses from patio galleries. Its program is varied according to the type, and is made up in general lines by living room, kitchen, 3-2-1 bedrooms, 2-1 bathrooms.


  • Year: 1998

  • Promoter:Galia Real Estate Group

  • Builder:Famacons SL

  • Ssurface:4725 m2

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