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Corral of the Priest

Building reform between party walls for 22 homes. Old corral of neighbors Corral del Cura. C/Pagés del Corro, 11-13. Seville

It is a building with partial protection level grade 1 "C". The proposed intervention consists of reforming the existing building of the cap house, with maintenance of the façade, the two existing bays and stairs, and a new building in the old corral, with maintenance of both the original alignments and the free spaces. and the type of houses.

Originally, the existing building consists of two clearly differentiated parts: the stopper house, three stories high, and the neighborhood corral itself, which is distributed throughout the interior of the property, predominantly one story high, except in the central nucleus where the staircase is located to access a second floor for only 6 rooms without defined use.

The staircase is maintained in its position and routes, as well as the main façade in its general distribution of holes. As for the interior neighborhood corral, the existing alignments are fully maintained.

The building can be divided into two clearly differentiated areas: the stopper house and the neighborhood corral.

As for the first, a reform is carried out on the existing one, maintaining the facades, the staircase and common areas. Only a redistribution of homes is carried out, since two studio homes are located on the ground floor, and two two-bedroom homes between the first floor and the attic.

As for the neighborhood corral, there are three parts: first patio, second patio and third patio.

Within the first patio there are 4 houses distributed in: living room, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and mezzanine attic.

In the second patio there are also four houses, distributed two on the ground floor and two on the first floor with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom.

Finally, the third patio shows two fronts on two stories high with the same typologies; on the right side a house without a mezzanine and on the left with a mezzanine attic. The back of the building is also built on two floors with four one-room studios, two on the ground floor and two on the first.

There are a total of 22 homes: studios and 1-bedroom houses.


  • Year: 2001

  • Promoter:Municipal Urban Planning Office of Seville

  • Builder:Conspeype and Cogari

  • Ssurface:1359 m2

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