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Housing Cordoba 2.3
New plant works for homes, premises, garages and storage rooms.
Plot 2.3. of the EU RENFE, Córdoba

The architectural proposal is based on the consideration of the urban conditions of the site in question, as well as the environment in which it is located, next to the historic center of the city of Córdoba.

A multi-family building with 6 floors is projected, reinterpreting elements of traditional architecture to adapt it to the functional needs of current homes. Regarding the roof, roof terraces are proposed that, due to the surface they occupy, allow the placement of clotheslines in the central area so that they are not visible from the public thoroughfare.

The central distribution core of the homes is an entrance hall that functions as a link between the day and night areas.

Finally, regarding the exterior and global image of the building due to the place it occupies in the city, close to the historic center but in an area of new urbanization such as housing, a modern building is designed that makes clear that differentiation with the classic farmhouse and of an image of a new and current city in the area where the city itself claims it.

The building has two basement floors, for 45 parking spaces, 28 storage rooms and space reserved for facilities.

The ground floor is used for commercial premises, the portals of the houses and the access to the garage through the rear façade.

On the first, second and third floors, the houses are distributed through two symmetrical stairwells, centered and in direct contact with the courtyard.


  • Year:2003

  • Promoter:Metrovacesa

  • Builder: Dredged

  • Surface: 5598 m2

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