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Housing Cordoba 2.12
New plant works for 38 homes, premises, garages and storage rooms.
Plot 2.12 of the RENFE EU, Córdoba

A U-shaped multi-family building with 38 homes and 4 stories high with 4 access cores is proposed.

Construction of a modern character, which tries to respond to the functional needs of current homes, reinterpreting basic elements of traditional architecture, such as the patio, the terraces with vegetation, and roof terraces.

The relationship of the house with the exterior, combined with protection from the sun, are the reasons that generate a relationship of generously sized openings, which are protected by set-back terraces and planters on the plane of the façade.

Inside, an attempt is made to transfer the idea of the courtyard to a larger-scale space, with the houses illuminated and directly connected to it and with traditional elements of vegetation and water in the form of a pond and fountain.

The building stands on two basement floors for a total of 56 parking spaces and 48 storage rooms.


The ground floor is partly used for commercial premises, offices and homes. The first ones are located on the south elevation because it is the most commercial route. The offices in the rear area of the premises with an elevation to the main patio and the houses in the rest of the area.

On the first and second floors, the houses are distributed through four stairwells, which supply three houses per floor each, and the portals on the north elevation that are accessed through the main courtyard through a covered porch, which distribute Two houses per floor, one of them and another three houses on the first and second floor and two in the attic.


  • Year: 2003

  • Promoter:Metrovacesa

  • Builder: Dredged

  • Surface: 3419 m2

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