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VPO Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Dovecote

Public competition for subsidized rental housing.

C/ Palomar, 7. Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz)

The building that we propose aims to respond to all current regulations, but without losing the primary objective, which is to create decent homes while generating a living, current and functional architecture that enriches its environment.

The generating idea of the building design is to achieve the maximum number of homes, which have the best lighting, ventilation and privacy conditions, (without exceeding the required surfaces) for this reason it is essential to achieve the exact proportion of façade, where costs and home improvement find a balance. This is where the idea of a patio gallery arises, with it, the vertical communication cores are reduced to 2 for 41 homes, which also means a significant reduction in costs. This distribution facilitates cross ventilation in the homes, as well as having natural lighting in all the living rooms.

The layout of the building on the site marks two clearly differentiated areas of action, a linear block  of houses facing the façade where the 3-bedroom houses are located, and an almost parallel bay divided with al previous by the longitudinal free space, this last piece turns to the rear dividing wall from which it moves away through a series of private patios, with this the resulting houses also have double ventilation and natural lighting on both facades.

The space that adjoins the rear dividing wall is a school patio, so the range of views and lighting is even greater than on the main road.

The image of the building  tries to create an exterior that fully adapts to the environment (classical façade with all its defining elements: cornices, bars, openings with a campanel arch..., while the open-space façades aim to create a friendlier, more colorful and bright landscape, to house a common space that is really for recreation, use and enjoyment of the community, with the use of color in the façade elements we achieve the image that is pursued with low costs.

A 3-storey multi-family residential building for 41 homes is proposed, with two vertical communication cores (2 stairs), and an elevator (with a shaft planned for the future location of a second cabin).

Within the distribution of homes, there are 3 types:

-6 houses with 3 bedrooms.

-27 2-bedroom homes.

-8 1-bedroom homes.

Particular characterisitics:

-The 3-bedroom homes have a laundry terrace, the rest can be hung in private patios or on a communal terrace in the rear built-up tablet, never on the façade.

-There are no homes with toilets, as there are no homes with three bedrooms distributed over two floors.

-There are general built-in wardrobes of  the house in 80% of the cases.

-There are no commercial premises, considering the area to be primarily residential.

-A garage floor in the basement has been projected, ventilated by the façade (as well as the forced ventilation required by regulations), with a sufficient number of spaces for all the homes, (even some more) as well as a storage room of less than 8 m2 useful for housing.


  • Year:2008

  • Promoter: EPSA. Junta de Andalucía

  • Surface:4217 m2

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