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Blue Views Homes


The construction of forty-five  homes, parking spaces and storage rooms is proposed, with a type of semi-detached housing.

They are distributed in 3 main platforms, following the guidelines of the terrain (blocks 1, 2 and 3) and seeking the ideal solar orientation.

 The platforms are connected by three lines of vertical access, two by stairs parallel to the party walls and a central one that is linked by concatenated elevators (accessible route), to save the almost 25 meters of total unevenness.


The distribution of homes by platforms is:

PLATFORM 1 (+58.00M). BLOCK 1. 18 HOUSES

PLATFORM 2 (+51.60M). BLOCK 2. 15 HOUSES

PLATFORM 3 (+45.20M). BLOCK 3. 13 HOUSES

The last platform at +35.05m high, is a common green space for recreation and enjoyment of the trough.


The platforms are arranged parallel to the façade, following the horizontal lines of the terrain towards the valley, in this way the stepped houses all enjoy views towards the sea. 


One of the premises is to ensure that all homes enjoy the environment, that they do not "disturb" each other. In our case, the natural terrain helps us to do this, the houses are integrated, and without resorting to the maximum height, we can ensure good views.


Due to the possibilities that burying ourselves in the natural terrain offers us, we have very varied homes in shape and objectives, although there is a matrix typology with a complete 2-bedroom program that is repeated. Then, depending on their location, there are duplex homes on the first floor with 3 bedrooms, others grow towards the semi-buried floor and those that do  on both levels with homes with loose surfaces and multipurpose spaces.


Another of the objectives is to hide the vehicles, for which underground garages are proposed on the first platform on two levels, minimizing the horizontal and height routes within the  urbanization, which will be mainly pedestrian._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


On the other hand, the layout of the houses guarantees lighting, ventilation and privacy. Core values for future users.

The construction of a community pool located at one end of the plot, where it is diluted with the natural trough, is planned on a terrace that overlooks nature. Next to the pool are the purification room and the toilets for the pool, as well as a multipurpose room with a terrace.

A total of 53 parking spaces and 46 storage rooms are projected.


  • Year:2019

  • Promoter:Metrovacesa

  • Surface:8830,41 m2

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