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Daoiz, Seville

Renovation of a building between party walls for a single-family home, garage and office in calle Daoiz, 11.



The architectural proposal of this project, starts from the consideration of the architectural and heritage values of the building, preserving what is considered relevant, which in this case is practically the entire structural scheme of the house, patios, galleries, façade, and location. and stair shape.

Regarding the interior distributions, a reform of the interior partitions and the location of the rooms is proposed, but in general, by maintaining the primary use as a single-family home, the changes are not resounding.

A work area on the ground floor is included in the use program as well as a garage for one vehicle also on said floor.

The rest of the program is distributed in general terms, the day area on the first floor, the night area on the second floor and the leisure and guest area linked to the terrace in the attic.


A change of the current staircase is also proposed, but its shape and location are maintained, only a redistribution of the steps is proposed and with it a change in its construction materials, since it is now built of reinforced concrete instead of wood.


As for the rest of the distribution, it is proposed to clean the backyard of non-relevant buildings that currently occupy it, thus recovering a free space that improves the qualities in terms of ventilation and lighting of the rooms that lead to it.


The proposed typology, in addition to adjusting to the current Municipal Ordinances, tries to respond to issues as important in the home as the lighting and ventilation of the rooms, due to the layout of the plot, which is why a central route space is proposed in The plot and all the rooms are distributed facing the façade.


  • Year:2002

  • Developer: Casa Marquez SA

  • Builder:-----

  • Surface:   396.71 m2

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