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Jesus of the Great Power

Reform project for a building with 6 apartments and an office.

C/ Jesús del Gran Poder, 111. Seville

It is a construction between medians that is on the corner of Jesús del Gran Poder street  and Juan from Oviedo.

The plot has an area of 123.39 m2 and a total façade of about 18.5 m.

It is a building from the middle of the last century, with three floors plus an attic. Originally conceived as a multi-family dwelling, with two dwellings per floor, an interior patio and a ventilated community staircase to said patio. The starting point of the proposal is to maintain the building almost in its entirety, façade, Stair patio, number of homes... although it is intended to improve and update their habitability conditions, more current housing schemes, place an elevator, replace the coverings, installations and carpentry, but all while maintaining the original structure. It is not a reform, but a redistribution and improvement of existing homes.

The main modification proposed is to place an elevator next to the staircase that is maintained, which despite not complying with the standards indicated in the decree of architectural barriers represents an improvement in the current conditions of the house.

The project consists of a single entrance on Jesús del Gran Poder street, which gives access to the stairs and common area on the ground floor and to the right  a ground floor one-bedroom house (facing towards the Calle Juan de Oviedo), and a commercial premises on your left.

The first floor is distributed with two houses per floor, one towards Jesús del Gran Podere street and another towards Juan de Oviedo, the first with two bedrooms and the next one with one.

On the second floor, the scheme is repeated, but both houses are extended with one more bedroom in the attic, and each one uses a private terrace. The rest remains as a common roof terrace.



  • Year: 2006

  • Promoter:PRODIGES SL

  • Builder:DOLMEN

  • Surface:381.20 m2

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