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Galera, 4-6, Seville

Reform of building between party walls for single-family housing and garage in calle Galera, 4-6.



This project part of the consideration of the architectural and heritage values of the building, preserving what is considered relevant, in this case  the structural scheme of the house, façade and first bay,  location of stairs and location and shape of patios.

Regarding the interior distributions, a reform of the interior partitions and the location of the rooms is proposed, but in general, by maintaining the primary use as a single-family home, the changes are not resounding.


It is also proposed to maintain the location and shape of the staircase of building nº 6, although it will be necessary to execute it again due to its deficient structural condition; while the staircase of building no. 4 is eliminated due to its insignificance and is replaced by a new communication nucleus con ascensor.


The only modifications presented, is to place a glass hood in the patio of farm nº 6, which allows greater lighting and ventilation through it, since due to its small size it seems more appropriate to include it in the house.


Given the proposed intervention that involves demolishing the areas in the worst condition of the structure, especially the bottom of the building, it is proposed to maintain the structural system by means of brick load-bearing walls, metal supports and metal loading bays, as well as maintaining the current alignments. of said bays, and even more so the dividing element between both properties that maintains the current imbalance throughout its length, as well as its thickness. With this, the perfect recognition of the course of history on the building is intended, in the same way the unevenness between said plots is maintained and emphasized, adapting them as a separator element between rooms in the current distribution.


Another of the criteria adopted when intervening in the existing one has been to maintain the current patios, despite the fact that the one with the smallest surface does not contribute at all to the improvement of the house, neither due to its location nor its surface, but we tried to adapt it as an element more decorative than useful, so it is treated with very careful materials (glass railing, translucent alabaster wall...) thereby emphasizing its existence and original location.


  • Year:2004

  • Promoter: ALCAHE, SL

  • Builder:-----

  • Surface:   275,29 m2

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