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Santa Maria Port

Project for industrial build in “Salinas de poniente” IE Lots 242 and 243. Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)

The project places in the Puerto de Santa Maria, in a zone of salt mines, consists of two symmetrical ships of two floors of height.

 Externally, the building tries to obtain a current image and simultaneously it seeks to differentiate both fundamental uses, giving  a more industrial aspect to the zone of storage, An exterior coating based on wavy sheet, whereas in the zone of trade - office, the seen concrete tries to give a more uninhabitable and comfortable aspect. on the other hand, the elements of color put together both volumetric pieces, looking this way for an original image.

Functionally the building tries to promote the use of sale, to which they tie the zone of store and the offices to which one accesses across attached nucleus of vertical communication at the main entrance to the commercial district. In three uses there have been looked diaphanous spaces that facilitate the activity simultaneously that promotes the natural lighting.

As for the formal aspect, the disposition) of both volumes seeks to obtain a lateral street that is ultimately expanded,  in front of the storage area, to facilitate loading and unloading.


  • Year: 2008

  • Customer: Fco. José García Cano and ActivaSat SL

  • Surface:528 m2

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