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Jesus of the Great Power

Reform project for a 6 dwellings and office building.

111 Jesús del Gran Poder street, Seville

It is a construction between dividing walls in the corner between Jesús del Gran Poder and Juan de Oviedo streets. The plot has a 123.39 m2 surface and a 18.5 m façade.

It is a building from the middle of the last century with 3 floors plus an attic. In its origin it was made as a multi-family building, with 2 dwellings on each floor, interior courtyard and shared stairs open to that courtyard.


We suggest to keep the building as it is almost entirely, the façade, stairs, number of dwellings etc. Although we want to improve and upgrade the living conditions and the housing schemes, placing an elevator, replacing the coatings, installations and carpentries. Our objective is to do all of this keeping the original structure. It's not a reform but a distribution and upgrade of the existing dwellings.

The main modification we propose is placing an elevator next to the stairs that we are keeping, which doesn't comply the architectural barriers decree, but it_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_means an improvement on the current living conditions.

The project has only one entrance from Jesús del Gran Poder street, which gives access to the stairs and the ground floor shared area, also, to the right, we can find the ground floor 1 bedroom dwelling (oriented to Juan de Oviedo street) and one business premises to the left.

On the first floor we can find two dwellings, one oriented to Jesús del Gran Poder, with two bedrooms, and the other one to Juan de Oviedo street, with one bedroom.

Finally on the second floor the scheme is the same but both of the dwellings are expanded with one more room on the attic and one private terrace. The rest of that terrace is shared.



  • Year: 2006

  • Customer:PRODIGES SL

  • Construction company:DOLMEN

  • Surface:381.20 m2

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