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Guadiana 26

Reform project for a residential building

26 Guadiana street, Seville

It is a multi-family building between party walls, on the corner of Guadiana street and Mencheta street. Its main access is 26 Guadiana street.


The plot is 65.36 m2 and has an irregular shape. The façade measurement is 10.91 meters to Guadiana street and 7.71 meters to Mencheta street. It has 3 floors and a derrick.

On the reform project we wrecked the derrick and the sheating storerooms to rebuild, waterproof, coat and paint them, interior and exterior, as we replace the joineries and locksmiths. We also lifted the flooring on the deck to replace it with waterproofing and insulation. The position of the drain was modified and on the rust stained areas we underpinned the joists with joists braced on the lower part and put a flare to hide them. Last but not least, we modified the facilities which affected the reformed area. 



  • Year:2009

  • Customer:Ministry of Housing and Land Management. Junta de Andalucía.

  • Construction company:-----

  • Surface:  254,27 m2

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