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Galia Nervión

New building construction for offices adn commercial premises “Galia-Nervion” Building, Luis de Morales street, Seville

The building “Galia-Nervion” is located on the avenues junction Luis de Morales and Eduardo Dato in Seville.

This building is accomplished under the Seville City Council PGO (General Urban Development Plan) with three purposes: To conclude the block urban development of the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium; to arrange the buildings of the Luis de Morales Avenue high part; and finally to solve specifically the corner between Luis de Morales and Eduardo Dato avenues.

On the basement floor a garage is located with three underground levels, which consists of an area for vehicles parking and another independent area for industrial vehicles to provide the various establishments located in the Tertiary Centre. This building presents as well 9 floors. Its general volume consists of a base body of two-floor height. Two other seven-floor volumes are rested over this volume.

A first volume may be appreciated, located on the corner avenues, it contains offices. The two lower floors, besides the entrance access to them, are occupied by a single commercial space that includes its own communication elements inside.

The seven upper floors comprise modular offices and their respective general facilities.

It is an extremely expressive volume, due to the large projections from the third floor, and due to the unity in the materials treatment; among them the aluminum prevails. This volume is deliberately separated from the hotel rooms body, allowing an intermediate gap. On the contrary, the connection with the Shopping Center is solved using in part its materials, searching for the better integration possible in the entirety.


  • Year: 1999

  • Customer:Alyga, Asset Management, SA

  • Construction company: OHL

  • Surface:8408 m2

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