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Fair, 10, Seville

Reform of building between medians para 6 homes and commercial premises in calle Feria, 10.



The architectural proposal of the building listed with grade D, starts from the consideration of the architectural and patrimonial values of the building, conserving what is considered relevant, in this case only the façade of the building, since the interior, in addition to the state of deterioration that it presented, did not have special interest, and on the other hand, it did not meet the requirements of  the proposed study-to-rent housing scheme.

In any case, it was not renounced to make a proposal for contemporary architecture that coexists and blends appropriately with said façade, given its cataloging, as well as with its surroundings.

The proposed typology, in addition to adjusting to the Municipal Ordinances, tried to respond to the layout of the plot, to issues as important in housing as lighting and ventilation in rooms, which is why it was proposed_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_a small adaptation of the openings in the façade to the new rooms, without disturbing the scheme of the pre-existing façade. The the number of holes and their position (except for small displacements) were maintained, in addition to the fact that the pieces of overhanging balconies were completely recovered.

The pre-existing light well, given its small surface area and poor location, and because it did not fulfill the minimum functions that would be required of it in terms of lighting and ventilation, was eliminated, keeping only a memory on the roof plan with a skylight. The reason for such action is not to specify said space and thus compensate the surface that is not built on the pre-existing attic.


  • Year:2000

  • Promoter: INALCOVEN, SL

  • Builder:-----

  • Surface:   232 m2

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