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Plaza de la Mata, Seville

Building renovation between party walls for 5 homes and 2 commercial premises in Plaza de la Mata, 8.



The building, as explained above, is divided into two clearly differentiated areas, an exterior area, facing the façade and the street, and another interior area facing the main patio of the house, both areas are separated and at the same time They join routes, in the central area of the plot, where the stairs and the elevator are located between two patios (one belonging to each of the aforementioned areas), this nucleus is the one that generates all the routes and clearly defines the distribution of the houses.


The building hosts a multi-family program  with commercial premises that are distributed as follows:


On the ground floor is located, first of all, the hall that gives access to the houses, and on both sides of it there are two commercial premises facing the street. Through the entrance hall you can access a one-bedroom house on the ground floor.


On the first floor, there are two houses, one towards the façade and the other towards the main patio, both with 1 bedroom. On the second floor, the same scheme is repeated except that the interior dwelling has a study area on the tower floor which is accessed by means of a spiral staircase, thus occupying the entire rear terrace as private.

Also on the tower floor, the community terrace (facing the main façade) is accessed through a small hall.


The building, except for the inclusion of the elevator part and redistribution of rooms, maintains the original character of spaces and routes.


  • Year:2002

  • Promoter: CAP DEU SL

  • Builder:-----

  • Surface:   406,14 m2

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